Sunset, Isle of Skye, Scotland

photo by wapiti

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The view from Muckross House, Ireland (by p.m.graham)

Oh man, I was here a few years ago. Great place.

Neist Point Lighthouse, Scotland


Glencar. Ireland (by Sean Mac Thomas)

Hi, my little friend, I have lived in Wales during 3 o 4 month isn't very long time, but I love it all to the country, the culture, food, the weather... I'm from Spain and I would like to meet about traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales... Thanks!

Hi! This is so sweet. I hope your enjoy your time there, thank you for introducing yourself!


Liffey river sunset, Dublin / Ireland (by Kelseyrae722).

Sunset over Forth River, Scotland



Irish Dance and Stuff: From the Beginning of Time…to Yesterday 

Visit the community section at Antonio Pacelli for loads more great Irish dance videos!

Watching those first few…. Thank goodness things have changed.

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